Steam locomotive at Southport

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Photo of 4-6-0 steam locomotive seen at Southport.
David had a single (extensive) note for this series of photos... so here it goes:

Southport, Queensland
Wednesday, 12 September 1962, at about 2pm.

Four PB15 4-6-0s were around the shed and yard, Stephenson valve gear no.548 and three slightly more modern (1925-26) Walschearts engines, nos. 745, 747 and 748.
One departed with the 2.20pm 'express' to South Brisbane. It would call only at Ernest Junction, Beenleigh and (to set down) Yeerongpilly, and would be due to reach South Brisbane in 1 hour 47 minutes, at 4.07pm.

Another would follow at 3.05pm with a train that could be required to stop at all stations, if all the 'conditionals' were called for, and was allowed 2 hours 27 minutes for the journey.

Each train was made up of a classic assortment of wooden coaches. According to my notes the 2.20 at least was 'well-filled'.

These were the only steam-worked passenger trains from Southport on weekdays in the 1962 timetable, the morning (8.40am) and Fridays-only evening (6.37pm) services being 'Motor Pass.'. Presumably these were 1800-class diesel sets.

Incidentally a First Class monthly season ticket between Southport and South Brisbane could be bought for £6.10.0. But given that the 8.40am Motor Pass. to town did not reach South Brisbane until 10.30am, and the last train home left South Brisbane at 4.00pm to be in Southport at 5.42, one wonders how many such tickets were sold.


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